Sunday, 21 August 2016

Here is Gabriola's newest solar array. Congratulations Joanna and Bram. A stunning 28 module array based on LG 310/Enphase M250 micro-inverter technology. This array was built on a garage roof clad with standing seam metal, S-5 clamps, and aluminum racking -- all done without a single hole!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Another example of net metering

Here's another example of how net metering can work with your solar array. This 2100 square foot house has an array of 18 modules on the roof. Yesterday there were some big demands with two loads of laundry, a bath, shower, dishwasher cycle and a water distiller running for several hours using 1500 Watts of power. The house still produced a credit of 1 kWh for the day, and in the afternoon was pumping almost 3400 Watts into the grid.

A new solar array in Nanaimo

The Sweet Spot Solar team put up another solar system in Nanaimo yesterday. Our team worked on a steep asphalt shingle roof to install a solar ready-plus 1 kW system for $3999 (all-in).

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Monday, 15 August 2016

Congratulations to Joanna and Bram Vandenberg of Gabriola Island on their new solar array

Congratulations to Joanna and Bram Vandenberg of Gabriola Island for helping us show the way to a bright and renewable future. They received deliverary today of equipment to install an 8.86 kW array composed of 28 LG 310 Watt modules coupled with Enphase M-250 micro-inverters.

This array will be mounted on the roof of their garage using S-5 clamps that attach to standing seam metal roofs - all without holes!

Stay tuned for updates on this project. For your free site assessment contact us at

Sweet Spot Solar will come right to your door

Sweet Spot Solar is ready and able to provide you with a free site assessment. Flag us down if you have any questions about solar.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Special Offer: A Lorentz Tracker With All The Fixings

Sweet Spot Solar is pleased to offer you a very special full meal deal on a high-quality tracker with all equipment included. There are ten of these systems available - so first come, first serve! We can arrange to ship across Western Canada.