Sunday, 30 October 2016

Join us in Kamloops for a talk on solar power and electric vehicles: November 3, 2016

All are welcome on Thursday November 3 to this event where we'll be talking about solar power, electric vehicles, and other sustainability projects in the works for Kamloops and the interior of BC. The President of Sweet Spot Solar, Michael Mehta, will talk about what the future holds in terms of solar photovoltaic technology. You will also hear from local engineer Brock Nanson about how electric vehicles are evolving to fill more than a niche market.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Use the grid as your battery

Net metering is the closest you can get to using the grid as your battery, without having to buy and maintain batteries.
Here's an example from one of our systems for the month of September.
This 18 module system produced a credit for the month of 343 kWh! This amount will be deducted automatically from the October bill for any net consumption.